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When barriers collide,
empty space is tossed aside
Relocating vacuum supersedes
and replaces matter in between
switching condition and space

The essence of existence alternates
Differential pressure effect
Dimensional shift
Perpetual transaction
Infinite event

The contemplation reformation
Gravitation alters its defining guise
Turning inward with defiance

No longer warping time in spatial sense
Introducing new effects,
to a meaning of existence

The particles of light,
hurtling aimlessly across
in a state of flux
a bidirectional stream


from Infinite Event (EP), released October 5, 2012
Music: sAutio
Lyrics: sAutio

Vocals: sAutio
Guitars: sAutio
Bass: sAutio
Drums: rTuomikanto
Synths: rKokkonen, sAutio



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Causemos Finland

[ k ô z . m ɒ s ]

sAutio: vox/gtr
rTuomikanto: drs

mVedenpää: gtr
rKokkonen: prog.
jPesonen: keys

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