from by Causemos



Look at me, your misfortune in the flesh
Your infected beliefs created me
And sealed your only way out

Where did it lead you?
Among fears and hopes
of every silent mortal soul

Controlled, abused
Broken and bruised
Like puppets, discarded toys
You distort and twist

Behold my majesty
Revel your absurdity

For I am the shrine
A herald born on the thirteenth hour
The first and last you shall see

A seamless circulation
Your past will dawn again
An era of misery

A species obsolete
An anguished defeat
Your mask is but a thin veil
It fails to hide the hatred
The griefs of the weak
They sustain me eternally

Behind that rotted piety
Free within a dream
A prisoner of reality

Convinced by psalms of magic
Misled by false ideals


from Infinite Event (EP), released October 5, 2012
Music: mVedenpää
Lyrics: rKokkonen

Vocals: sAutio
Guitars: mVedenpää
Bass: sAutio
Drums: rTuomikanto
Synths: rKokkonen



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Causemos Finland

[ k ô z . m ɒ s ]

sAutio: vox/gtr
rTuomikanto: drs

mVedenpää: gtr
rKokkonen: prog.
jPesonen: keys

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